21 Aug August 21, 2014

Eyelash Extensions Surfers Paradise – ICS Beauty Salon

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Make your lashes stand out from the rest with the Eyelash extensions surfers paradise!


If you are looking for ways to let your eyes do all the talking, the eyelash extensions surfers paradise is right here to help you out. These extensions are the perfect way for making your eyes get that pronounced effect, you so desire. These lash extensions make your eyes quite dramatic, without having you apply any additional make up. Some of the best features of these extensions are:

    • Natural look and feel.
    • Comfortable for your eyes.
    • Long lasting lashes.
    • Painless application and removal.
    • Non-damaging.
    • Low maintenance.

Turn the heads with your Eyelash Extensions Surfers Paradise!

The eyelash extensions Surfers Paradise adds to the length of your eyelashes, making them stand out naturally. All the extensions are individually glued to each of your lashes, making sure you get the best results. After you get your lashes extended, you can be sure of a much fuller look of your eyes. All you need is applying just a bit of powder blush and a lip gloss along with it, and you are going to love the look!

Eyelash Extensions Surfers Paradise

Looking great!

Easy application by qualified experts

These eyelash extensions Surfers Paradise, are quite comfortable and painless for your eyes, making sure you do not face the least of discomfort, after they are applied. The process is quite time consuming, as every lash is individually attached to your natural ones. All you need to do is sit back and relax, while these experts deal with your lashes.

Really low on maintenance

The lash extensions are quite long lasting, so once you get them done, you can enjoy them for extended periods of time. The eyelash extensions surfers paradise are quite low on maintenance, however it is best to practice some safe non-damaging methods with them. Although the glue used in extending your lashes are best to come by, a bit of care is essential to ensure a longer stay.

With the eyelash extensions Surfers Paradise it is best not to rub your eyes a lot, as it is not considered as a good practice. It is better to not directly splash water on your eyelashes, for at least the first week. When you are using make up, it is best to steer clear of any oil based make up. Using certified make up products are best with your lashes, as they reduce the chances of any damage to the glue.

Get your eyelash extensions refills done!

The eyelash extensions surfers paradise also offers you with a quality refill, as due to the normal cycle of your eyelashes, they fall out. If you ever happen to feel that your lashes have lost their volume, all you need to do is get to them and let the experts handle your matter. With the refill you will be ready for your occasion, in practically no time!

Best rates and customer support!

When it comes to the rates, they are the best in class. You wouldn’t want to settle for something cheaper with your eyelashes, and risk damaging them! The experts are fully qualified and experienced; to make sure you get the best lashes around.

Eyelash Extensions Surfers Paradise

We will repair your bad work!

Gear up your eyes for with these best extensions for the upcoming occasion, and watch the heads turn! If you have any queries regarding the eyelash extensions surfers paradise, feel free to call at 0416 667 689 for a prompt reply!

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